On the eruption of Mt.Moto-Shirane

We communicate to our visitors that Onsen town is out of risk.
The distance between the Mount Shirane and Onsen Town is about 6km, but the danger zone from the point of eruption is about 2km.
There is no risk of danger out of that area.
Therefore, observations about the eruption are the following, according to the announcements given on the day of January’s 26.
– Is not believed that a lava spill occurs due to the type of volcano.
– Chemical analysis of the ejection revealed that, the eruption was just a steam explosion, the material from which the magma originated was not blown at all. Even if a magma eruptions occur in the future, in that case, clear signs such as crystal deformation will appear, so it can be fully perceive in advance.
– The eruption didn’t caused stone wind.
– In this eruption Hydrogen sulfuric gas been detected but, no sign of increase of the amount of gas.
After checking the listed facts, we hope for your comprehension.
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